My name is Benjy and I’m a freelance web designer

Photo of Benjy

I love responsive web design, UI, UX, animation, typography and notebooks.

I’m a family man (2 little girls and counting) and a bit of a music snob. I have 10 years experience working with design and development agencies and directly with organisations.


I’m currently booking in work 3 weeks ahead, email me if you’d like to discuss a project.

My work

Every project is different and I’m happy sketching, Photoshopping or HTML/CSSing, as long as we’re starting with good content and ending up with a great (responsive) web-thing.

Something nice Anthony said…

Benjy’s knowledge and interest in designing for the web makes the development process very simple on my part and his interpretations of my clients’ needs are consistently high-quality.
—Anthony Chaffey, Ballyhoo

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