Pretty Shitty City

Pretty Shitty City was a blog that I set up in 2007. I wanted to give a platform for all the creative / alternative stuff happening in and around Swansea, focusing in on music and art. Swansea has a pretty negative image of itself, but there's lots of interesting stuff going on in this town, if you know where to find it.

Getting to grips with WordPress

WordPress was the perfect tool and I spent many long nights keeping it up to date with articles on upcoming gigs, art exhibitions and degree shows. I got a friend to build me a custom theme, then I cut my teeth on HTML and CSS by tweaking the design.

Time to monetize

It was a labour of love but when I tried to look at ways to make some money from it, it lost a bit of its magic. After about 18 months I stopped updating it and turned my attention to other things (like becoming a freelancer and getting married).

I'm still hugely proud of the site though, especially because it earned me street cred with all the dudes in bands. :D