A list of other sites that I read, follow or recommend. In alphabetical order.

Adam Silver

Interaction design, Form design, GOV.UK Prototype Kit

Aegir Hallmundur

Design, Personal posts, Art direction

Amy Hupe

Content design, Design systems, Personal posts

Andrew Duckworth

User-centered design, Design leadership, Ways of working

Cathy Dutton

Design leadership, Interaction design, Service design

Clara Greo

User-centered design, Service design, Inclusive design

New: Craig Abbott

Design, Accessibility, User-centered design

Crystal Preston-Watson

Accessibility, Personal posts, Assistive technology.

New: Emma Parnell

Service design, Inclusive design, Freelancing

Ethan Marcotte

Responsive design, Web design, Unions

Geri Reid

Design systems, Accessibility, Form design

New: Giles Turnbull

Comms, Ways of working, Agile

New: Joel Strohmeier

Accessibility, User-centered design, Inclusive design

Kate Every

Service design, Healthcare, Trauma-informed practice

Ian Ames

Delivery management, Weeknotes, Ways of working

Ignacia Orellana

Service design, Design systems, Personal posts

Jon Roobottom

Personal posts, Design

New: Liz Hamburger

Product design, Freelancing, Design

Lou Downe

Service design, Design leadership, Personal posts

Manuel Matuzovic

Front-end development, Accessibility, CSS

Matt Jukes

Product management, Digital leadership, Weeknotes

Max Böck

Front-end development, Web design, CSS

Paul Robert Lloyd

Front-end development, Interaction design, IndieWeb

Paul Smith

Interaction design, Front-end development, Ways of working

Reagan Ray

Web design, Personal posts, Graphic design

Sara Soueidan

Accessibility, Web design, CSS

Sarah L. Fossheim

Accessibility, Data viz, Front-end development

New: Steven Messer

Weeknotes, Product management, Ways of working

Tatiana Mac

Inclusive design, Personal posts, Web design

Vicky Teinaki

Interaction design, User-centered design, GOV.UK Prototype Kit


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