Kicking things off with the graphic design team

I went up to GDS to talk to Mark about how graphic design works on his team. And we chatted about what first steps I should take with the new graphic design team in ONS Digital Publishing.

A blue man leans down to pick up litter. Large red text says keep Britain tidy
Keep Britain Tidy, 1963, Tom Eckersley

Make your work visible

  • Share patterns offline
  • Pattern libraries don't have to be code based
  • Create posters
  • Especially key things like typographic scale and colours
  • Print out work and stick it on the wall
  • Print black ink on coloured paper to add colour (but keep costs down)
  • Cover the environment in "good design"
  • Graphic design and data visualisations might need a more extensive pattern library that is difficult to maintain – that's okay
  • Maybe we do need 50 shades of grey?

British public service design

  • British public service design has a strong history of great graphic design
  • Look at designers like Tom Eckersley
  • ONS is in a position to create some great information and editorial design

Zoom out

  • Step back and look at your work
  • Does it work at a distance?
  • Does it work at a angle?
  • Does it work on smaller screens?
  • Graphic design needs to be strong enough that the hierarchy still works under pressure