30 things done before I'm 30

Bucket lists are fine, but with my 30th birthday just around the corner, I thought I'd make a list of things that I've already achieved.

In no particular order, here are thirty things that have shaped me in one way or another.

  1. Married Michelle
  2. Had two beautiful girls
  3. Bought our second (and hopefully last) home
  4. Bought our second (and doubtfully last) car
  5. Rescued a dog from the dog's home
  6. Owned one snowboard
  7. Owned two surfboards
  8. Owned five skateboards
  9. Broken my arm twice
  10. Played bass guitar in a band
  11. Been Dan's best man
  12. Spoken at a web design conference
  13. Started a club night
  14. Started a blog
  15. Been one third of GeekThree (a podcast)
  16. Lived in London
  17. Started my own business
  18. Worked for the Royal Mail
  19. Worked for a well known pizza restaurant chain
  20. Worked for an independent “Latin fusion” restaurant where I got a reputation for baking the best bread, before I quit one day by just not turning up
  21. Went to Glastonbury
  22. Went to All Tomorrow's Parties
  23. Went to Camp Bestival
  24. Went to Disney World
  25. Went to the Grand Canyon
  26. Went on a business trip to LA
  27. Flown over Las Vegas at night time
  28. Nearly capsized a Swan Pedalo in Prague
  29. Been thrown out of a camp site in Hossegor and consequently…
  30. Visited Roxy Jam surf festival