Add aria-current to the site nav

When browsing the main pages of this site (home, about, blog) the current page link changes style. This helps sighted users to tell which page they're on. But this feature is invisible to screen reader users. So I'm adding the aria-current attribute to fix this.

User story

As a screen reader user, I need to know which page I'm on when I'm using the navigation, so that I can find my way around the site.

Acceptance criteria

The screen reader will announce "current page" when it reads out the label of the current page in the site navigation.

What's changed

I've added the aria-current="page" attribute to the current page link in the site nav.

<nav role="navigation">
  <a aria-current="page" href="/">Home</a>
  <a href="/about/">About</a>
  <a href="/blog/">Blog</a>

Visit the home page to test this out