Adding h-entry to the posts template

The next step in getting my site indieweb ready is to add h-entry microformat markup to the posts.

Here's what I've done so far…

  • Created a new layout called "post"
  • This will be used for standard blog posts, and is different from "pages" and "image posts"
  • Moved the <header> and <h1> inside the <article>
  • Added .h-entry class to the <article>
  • Added .p-name class to the <h1>
  • Added a profile image with the class .u-photo
  • Added an author (as in my name) with rel="author" class="p-author h-card" markup
  • Added a link back from name to my home page
  • Added .dt-published class to the published on date
  • Added permalink for the post to the published on date
  • Added the .u-url class to the permalink
  • Added the .e-content class to the full content of the post
  • Checked it all with the validator

Example markup (with style classes removed)

<article class="h-entry" role="article">
    <h1 class="p-name"></h1>
      <img class="u-photo" src="/images/benjy-stanton.jpg" alt="" height="50" width="50"> by
      <a rel="author" class="p-author h-card" href="">Benjy Stanton</a> on
      <a class="dt-published u-url" href="">18 November 2018</a> in
        <a class="p-category" href="/blog/category/nablopomo">nablopomo</a>, <a class="p-category" href="/blog/category/release-notes">release-notes</a>
  <div class="e-content">

But why?

Doing all this will make my blog a more fully featured publishing platform (like Medium). But the benefit is, the content is on my domain.

Eventually I hope to start syndicating all my content automatically to other sites like Twitter and Medium by following the Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere (POSSE) model. This and other steps are getting the site ready to start POSSEing. (Not sure if that's a word).

Next steps

  • Switch all old posts to this template
  • Add similar features to the image post