April 2018 bookmarks

Designing Better Design Documentation
Going Offline
Everything About Web Design Just Changed
Creating Themeable Design Systems
What do we mean when we talk about services?
Pitfalls of Card UIs
Smarter Tables with Sketch + Paddy
Using a design challenge to bring policy and design closer together
The strange becoming familiar
The problem of ‘Looks good’ inclusive design
Enabling Webmentions in Jekyll
How You Can Aid User Scanning with Eyebrow Headlines
Why Work Out Loud?
Introducing Second: a framework for mostly-static React applications
Resilience: Building a Robust Web That Lasts by Jeremy Keith—An Event Apart video
Takeaways from the DSConf (part 1/2)
Data Viz Project | Collection of data visualizations to get inspired and finding the right type.
Project boards that build team harmony ?
It's Nice That | An insight into The Guardian’s newly released brand guidelines #branding
Scrolling and Attention
Common ways we break accessibility and how to avoid them - Laura Carvajal | Render Conf 2018
Data Sketches | A year of exotic data visualizations - Nadieh Bremer | Render Conf 2018
How to use the open standards for data canvas
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We Can’t Do That In One Sprint
Managing Heading Levels In Design Systems
Scroll to the future
Empathy Map – Why and How to Use It
The Core Model: Designing Inside Out for Better Results
Users don’t hate change. They hate our design choices.
A new typeface for Parliament
Comparing service design and business analysis
The Illusion of Control in Web Design
Variable Fonts (beta)
Despicable Design – When “Going Evil” is the Perfect Technique
Consultation launch: accessibility of public sector websites and apps