Christmas day dinner timings 2018

We cooked Christmas dinner this year, for the first time in at least 6 years. On Christmas Eve we planned our timings in great detail.

The Turkey was about 7 kilograms (about 15 pounds) which was too big for 7 people, even allowing for Boxing Day leftovers (10 pound next year?). We used recipes from Nigella and Jamie for the turkey and it turned out well. It had been soaking in a brine bath for almost 2 days. We cooked it for about 4 hours in the end (which was probably a smidge too long).


  • 06:30am Bring turkey inside to dry and warm up for 2 hours
  • 08:00am Make glaze
  • 08:00am Preheat oven 180°C fan
  • 08:30am Cook turkey for 3½ hours (covered with foil)
  • 11:00am Remove foil for last hour
  • 12:00pm Check turkey – give it another 30 to 60 mins if we need
  • 12:00pm Rest turkey for 2 hours (covered with foil)


  • 12:20pm Preheat top oven
  • 12:30pm Chop fruit and prep prawns and salmon
  • 12:50pm Roast butternut squash roti for 40 mins


  • 12:50pm Honey roast parsnips for 60 mins
  • 13:10pm Parsnips for 40 mins
  • 13:15pm Roast potatoes for 35 mins
  • 13:15pm Spinach and cheese parcel for 35 mins
  • 13:15pm Cauliflower cheese for 35 mins
  • 13:20pm Carrot and swede for 30 mins
  • 13:20pm Braised cabbage for 30 mins
  • 13:25pm Pigs in blankets and pork stuffing for 25 mins


  • 13:30pm Sprouts for 9 mins
  • 13:30pm Carrots for 7 mins


  • 13:30pm Sprouts with bacon for 6 mins
  • 13:30pm Bread sauce for 3 mins
  • Yorkshire pudding
  • Veggie stuffing
  • Gravy