Great service design at Premier Inn

I’m always impressed by the good service that me and my family get at Premier Inn.

We stayed at one in Portsmouth last summer. I made a list of all the little things that helped make the stay that little bit better.

The little touches…

  • nicely decorated lobby and rooms
  • clean and free of clutter
  • friendly, happy, helpful staff
  • staff that made polite conversation (“good morning” or “how did you sleep?”) for some reason this is tricky to get right in the UK
  • well designed posters, flyers and menus
  • working air conditioning in the room
  • no quick and dirty posters made by staff
  • comfy bed
  • 12 o’clock checkout
  • nice food at breakfast
  • kids eat free
  • staff sat us down quickly in the restaurant and said we could settle up the bill on way the out (handy when you have kids)
  • 2 for 1 drinks at the bar (handy when you have kids)

This ain’t The Ritz

All the little touches add up to make a pleasant experience. We don’t need (or expect) five star treatment.

Premier Inn know they ain’t The Ritz, and they’re okay with that. They specialise in not being The Ritz.

They understand their customers well, and give them just what they need.