On knolling

Darren taught me new word this week – knolling – it's the act of arranging objects in an orderly fashion. An example might be grouping all the things on your desk and placing them parallel to the edge in a grid-like fashion.

Take a look at the Knolling Blog on Tumblr to get a better idea.

It reminds me of a story that my mum often tells me, about how I used to do something similar with my toy farm set. Instead of playing with the animals, I'd line them up two by two in a neat line outside the cow shed. She used to think I might have Asperger's syndrome (my wife still does).

I think this hints at my future job as a designer just as much as the fact I was good at drawing.

Often, design is about organising, ordering and presenting things so that they can be better understood, rather than creating something brand new.