Some personal goals for 2020

Here are some low-key, achievable personal things for 2020. I'm ignoring the first few days of January, as they are still part of the Christmas hols.

Also, this is my 150th blog post!


  • Finish paying off my student loan
  • Don't take on any short term debt (like credit cards or overdrafts)

Update on 13 April 2020

  • My student loan direct debit payments stopped until April because I switched banks, so I've been saving the money instead. Might put the money saved up towards another loan instead.
  • No credit cards or overdrafts so far

Update on 8 July 2020

  • Nearly saved up enough to pay off my student loan
  • Going to put it in a Monzo pot, and let Monzo draw from it every month, so that I have access to the money just in case
  • No credit cards or overdrafts so far


  • Take more steps than in 2019 (more than 7000 steps per day on average)
  • Only eat meat 1 day a week (that means I have a 52 meat budget for the year!)
  • Weigh less than 13 stone 7 pounds (on average)
  • No flights
  • Spend at least 1 hour a week playing video games with the kids

Update on 13 April 2020

  • My step count was going well until the Coronavirus lockdown, might just scrap this goal!
  • We're eating a lot less meat as a family. Probably close to once a week on average, but I've given up counting.
  • Got my weight down to 12 stone 7 pounds, need to lose a little bit more before my BMI is in the ideal zone.
  • No flights so far!
  • Hard to track this, but put some good time into Luigi's Mansion and Kingdom Hearts.

Update on 8 July 2020

  • Step count is averaging about 5,600 because lockdown
  • Weight is averaging under 13 stone, slowly putting on weight because lockdown
  • Given up meat most weeks, but still having some on the odd occasion
  • No flights so far because lockdown
  • Currently playing Super Mario Maker 2


  • Get the decking sorted
  • Plant 5 trees
  • Grow some vegetables (start with the pumpkin seeds from Halloween)
  • Plant more wild flowers
  • Let the lawn grow at the bottom of the garden (again)

Update on 13 April 2020

  • Decking is done
  • Planted some vegetables and wild flowers
  • No-mow patch going well, noticing more wild flowers growing naturally, especially in front garden

Update on 8 July 2020

  • No trees planted, but lots of flowers, small plants and vegetables planted in garden