Swansea design meet-up

I’m planning a design meet-up in Swansea. This is a timeline of my notes (expect them to change a lot).

10th February 2015

  • Booked 2 speakers for the first event (Tim Morgan and Paul Pod)
  • Got TechHub Swansea onboard as the second sponsors
  • Using Get Invited for ticketing
  • Working on v2 of the website
  • Created information for potential sponsors

26th January 2015

21st January 2015

19th January 2015

  • Email Techhub Swansea to get the ball rolling with the first event.

15th December 2014

  • Contact Design Stuff Cardiff and Second Wednesday for advice.

11th December 2014

  • Went to Design Stuff Cardiff to check it out and have a chat with the organisers.

5th December 2014

  • Continue to share and promote the survey
  • Getting lots of interest and offers of help

1st December 2014

  • Published a survey

26th November 2014

  • Draft a survey aimed at designers in Swansea and run it past Paul, Jade and Gareth

25th November 2014

  • Start this blog post (I like to design in the open whenever I get the chance)

24th November 2014

  • Announced the idea on Twitter (I have to do it now)
  • Went to the Swansea Software Development Meet-up to chat about it with Viv, Paul and Nic