100 blog posts

This is my 100th blog post.

I've been writing on some version of this blog since at least 2007. I've had 3 kids, 6 jobs and 2 houses since then.

It started out as a Wordpress blog with the Kubrick theme. I switched to Jekyll 3 years ago.

I showed early hipster tendencies in 2010 by adding a colophon. I used "Starkers" and "320 and Up" to build on back then (remember those?).

Over half of the 100 posts have been this year. I blame Andy, Dan and Jukesie for encouraging this over-sharing.

I'm certain that my tendency to blog and tweet openly lead me to working at ONS. And I've left jobs in the past when I've felt stifled or blocked from blogging.

I feel lucky to work in a place where I can write openly and honestly about my organisation.

Here's to 100 more.