Thundercat at Bristol Beacon

⚠️ Content warning: alcohol use.

Finally managed to get to a gig in Bristol. Here are a few photos from the night (and following morning).


3 people on a stage. A huge, fierce cat face in the background has glowing green eyes.
Thundercat at Bristol Beacon

Rubbish photo, but really good gig.

Small Bar

A couple of two-third size glasses filled with hazy yellow beer. One has a red circle printed on it with the letters s and b inside it.
Drinking beers outside at Small Bar

We also went to The Christmas Steps for beers too. Recommend both bars.

Cafe Kino

A fry up with toast, beans, hash browns, tomato, kale, mushrooms, sausage, tofu and a coffee.
Vegan breakfast at Cafe Kino

Tried to go to The Crafty Egg but it was full. So tried Cafe Kino as it was just across the road. Really nice vegan breakfast.