User experience (UX) designer skills

A list of skills needed to be a user experience designer, from Centre Centre.

(Brandon Ward shared this list on twitter. It was shared as an image so I decided to write it up as text here for prosperity.)

Technical skills

  • Front-end development: coding valid HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Visual design: understanding the use of colour, grid, layout and typography
  • Mobile integration: creating consistent experiences through responsive layouts, touch interactions and input techniques
  • Project management: incorporating iterative design, agile practices and software development life cycles
  • Information architecture: planning experiences through site mapping, modelling and wireframes
  • Interaction design: building flow, form design, micro-interactions and transition animations
  • Copywriting and content strategy: writing microcopy, content modelling and content inventories
  • User research: conducting field research, usability studies, research synthesis and data analysis

Soft skills

  • Presenting: sharing thoughts an design concepts with peers and stakeholders
  • Facilitating: extracting design requirements and project direction from peers and stakeholders, while prompting a shared understanding
  • Critiquing: receiving, giving and training peers and stakeholders with constructive feedback
  • Storytelling: communicating and affirming to peers and stakeholders how decisions were made, how principles were arrived at, and how the design will improve the lives of the users
  • Sketching: communicating emerging ideas quickly and exploring problem space with peers and stakeholders
  • Leadership: providing vision, direction and passion to peers and stakeholders