Visiting all the beaches in Swansea and Gower

I’ve set myself a challenge to visit all the beaches in Swansea and Gower. There are about 39 in total.

We visit some of these beaches regularly, but loads are completely new to me. No strict rules, I’m going to include beaches I’ve visited recently, to give myself a head start.

Very important stats

  • Beaches visited: 16 of 39 (41%)
  • Longest continuous stretch: 9 beaches
  • Seals spotted: 0

Swansea Bay

A small dog sniffs near 3 mounds of long grass in the sand. Choppy sea in the background. Rays of sun and blue sky break through a grey sky.
Swansea Bay, near Sketty Lane

Knab Rock

Two paddle boarders on the sea. Cliffs topped with trees in the background. Sky is cloudy and blue.
Paddle boarding around Mumbles passing Knab Rock, photo by Dylan Tucker

Mumbles Head Beach

Small rocky island with a lighthouse, just the other side of the water from a sandy beach.
Looking from the beach near the pier towards the islands and lighthouse. Some maps call this beach Touch Down, not sure why.

Bracelet Bay

Sandy beach with rocks at the shore. In the distance is a lighthouse on a small rocky island.
Bracelet Bay towards Mumbles lighthouse

Limeslade Beach

Grey rocks and pebbles disappear into the sea at the shore. Jagged rocks poke out of the sea, and rocky headland can be seen in the distance.
Limeslade Beach looking south west

Rotherslade Bay

A sandy, pebbly beach at low tide. Beyond the rocks on one side, another beach and green hills can be seen.
Rotherslade Bay looking towards Langland Bay

Langland Bay

Waves on a sandy shoreline. Sunrise behind the headland in the distance is reflecting orange in the wet sand.
Sunrise at Langland

Caswell Bay

Beach with tide out. Sun, blue sky and cliffs in distance reflect off the water.
Low tide at Caswell, looking west

Brandy Cove

View down from a coastal path to a small sandy and rocky beach. Small waves break from the left. Cliffs on the far side lead up to dark green hills with shrubs and bushes.
Looking towards Brandy Cove from the coastal path that leads to Caswell


Steep cliffs topped with green grass reflect in wet sand below. Sky is grey.
South end of Rhossili Bay, with Worms Head in the distance


Surf board on the sand. Sea and cliffs in the background. Blue clouds with wispy clouds.
Surfing near Hillend campsite, Worms Head in the distance

Burry Holms

A small island in the distance surrounded by choppy seas. Long dune grass in the foreground is being blown sideways by the wind.
Burry Holms tidal island seen from the coastal path, looking west.

Blue Pool Bay

Rocky cliffs from the beach. A hole has formed in the rocks and you can see blue sky through the middle.
A natural archway at Blue Pool Bay called the Three Chimneys

Little Broughton

A massive stretch of wet sand with grass topped cliffs in the distance. The cliffs and sky are mirrored almost perfectly in the wet sand below.
Little Broughton at low tide

Broughton Bay

Beach at high tide. Sun light is reflecting off the surface. The sun is covered by small clouds. A bird flies past, and there is a hill in the background.
Broughton Bay at high tide, from the coastal path, looking towards Llanmadoc

Whiteford Sands

Windswept sand dunes in early morning light, topped with beachgrass.
Dunes at Whiteford Sands

All the beaches in Swansea and Gower

  1. Jersey Marine Beach
  2. Swansea Bay
  3. Knab Rock
  4. Mumbles Head
  5. Bracelet Bay
  6. Limeslade Beach
  7. Rotherslade Bay
  8. Langland Bay
  9. Caswell Bay
  10. Brandy Cove
  11. Pwll Du Bay
  12. Bantam Bay
  13. Hunts Bay / Deep Slade
  14. Foxhole
  15. Pobbles Bay
  16. Three Cliffs Bay
  17. Tor Bay
  18. Nicholaston / Crawley Beach
  19. Oxwich Bay
  20. Slade Sands
  21. The Cove / Horton Beach
  22. Port Eynon
  23. Salt House Mere
  24. Overton Mere
  25. Common Cliff
  26. Foxhole Slade
  27. Knave Bay
  28. Ramsgrove
  29. Butterslade
  30. Mewslade Bay
  31. Fall Bay
  32. Rhossili
  33. Llangennith
  34. Burry Holms
  35. Blue Pool Bay
  36. Little Broughton
  37. Broughton Bay
  38. Whiteford Sands
  39. Llanrhidian Sands