Visual note-taking with Eleanor Beer

My notes from the Visual Notetaking Made Easy event on Thursday 11th August at Innovation House, Magor.

A drawing of a star and some lines from my sketchbook.


  • Visual note-taking is basically notes with doodles
  • It’s also known as sketchnoting
  • The basic processes is; listen, filter, draw
  • It’s useful for creating user journeys, meeting facilitation and conference recording
  • Listening is a key skill!


  • Improves memory recall
  • Captures emotion
  • It’s fun!
  • People who are usually quiet in meetings feel included
  • Can help people with low literacy


  • Basics: layout, words, objects, containers, lines and arrows
  • Pictographs are drawings of things; like a book, dog, mobile phone or aeroplane
  • Ideographs are pictures that represent an idea; like balance, collaboration, education or digital
  • People (stick figures and smiley faces)
  • Layouts: linear, circular, random, path or grid

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