Weeknotes – series 07 episode 01

Trying weeknotes again

I’m struggling to get into a writing habit at the moment, so I’m going to try weeknotes for a while. Although, looking back, it looks like I wrote 12 blog posts last year, which is more than I was expecting.

Contracting extension

I’ve just got another extension at work. Meaning that my first contracting gig is on track to be 12 months. Hopefully I’ll get another extension after March too. Although, I expect making it into the next financial year will be tricky, as budgets get re-jigged. I think my team have plenty of work ahead of them, so fingers crossed.

I’m really enjoying the hands-on interaction design work still. I’ve only managed to feel this focused a couple of times before in my career (whilst working at DVLA and Swirrl). So I’m still feeling like my decision to switch to contracting was the right one for me.

I’ve been at Home Office for 10 months already. Which is the same amount of time I was at Made Tech. So that feels like a good milestone.

Centre for Digital Public Services (CDPS) community of practice

I’ve joined CDPS’s Designing Digital Experiences community of practice.

It’s a community for designers to discuss…

…the practical aspects of designing digital experiences, such as user-centred design methods and processes, design skills, and software.

I’ve not attended any meet-ups yet, but it’s been great to see how many digital designers there are in and around Wales, working across all sort of sectors.

The organiser Liam has done a great job of finding where we are all hiding, so I have high hopes that this will become a great community to be part of.

My Neighbour Totoro show

I’m taking the family to see the My Neighbour Totoro show at the Barbican at the end of the month. Can’t wait for that, I’ve heard good things, and the kids love the film.