Weeknotes – series 07 episode 16

Inclusive language

Candi Williams shared a great post on LinkedIn about inclusive language. It's a great reminder to me that there is always more I can do to choose better words.

  • Dark patterns Deceptive patterns
  • Whitelist Allow
  • Blacklist Deny
  • Sold down the river Betrayed

Related: Why it's time to update our language about bad design patterns by Amy Hupe

The contenteditable attribute

I remembered that contenteditable was a thing this week. Add it to any element, e.g. the <body> and then you can select text in the browser and start typing to change the page content.

Really useful for quick prototyping in the browser. Any changes won't be saved anywhere, so as soon as you refresh, your changes are gone.

Read more about contenteditable on mdn web docs.