What’s the best way to learn UX?

A friend of mine asked for ideas on learning UX, so I turned to Twitter and got a couple of really great responses.

As Leisa Reichelt hinted at on Twitter; UX is a broad term and it can mean slightly different things to different people (usability, wireframes, user research, interaction design, HCI etc). Nevertheless, these resources should help you if you are just starting out (or even if you’re not)…

Leisa Reichelt

Leisa is was the Head of User Research at GOV.UK at the time, and she gave me a list of resources to look at…

Andy Budd

Andy is a User Experience Designer, partner at Clearleft and curator of dConstruct and UX London.

Andy recommend this User Experience Design Course by General Assembly in London.

P.S. Thanks to Zach Inglis too for pointing me in the right direction.