Why I love remote work

After 2 days away with the team. I’m reminded that in-person workshops are often amazing (this one included).

But… joining video calls in an open plan office full of other people on video calls is a disaster for my productivity and wellbeing.

My brain literally can’t do it. I used to struggle through this way of working before, because I didn’t know any better. I thought I’d eventually “learn to cope like everyone else”.

Mandated “return to office” policies feel like a huge step backwards. Just trust and enable people to work where they feel most comfortable and productive.

Enable flexibility. Make it as inclusive as possible. Enable occasional face-to-face meetings that make the most of being together for short periods. (Please).

What remote working means to me

I recognise that I’m very privileged. But, I need remote working. It helps me in so many ways.

I need it because I’m

  • an introvert
  • a parent of school age kids
  • someone who lives away from the places where most digital jobs tend to be

It helps me to

  • drive less and own fewer cars (without remote working this would be impossible where we live, because the public transport infrastructure just isn’t good enough)
  • help the kids with their school run and morning routine (breakfast, getting dressed, brushing teeth, packing lunchboxes)
  • be available to pick up my kids if they’re ill and need to come home in an emergency
  • be more active (school run, walking the dog, pop to shops)
  • do a few chores in my lunch break (like loading the dishwasher or putting clothes out to dry)
  • help my partner to work full time if she wants to
  • have more energy for life in the evening and weekends (see friends, exercise, help the kids with homework)
  • have more focused, uninterrupted work time (if I need it)
  • work for a much wider range of companies
  • have access to better paid jobs

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