The stickers on my laptop, 2023 edition

A Macbook Pro covered in colourful stickers

Time to clean the stickers off my laptop (again). Quite a good haul this time. See this laptop sticker post from 2018 too.

Read on for a description of each sticker, with links to their origin stories or creators' web sites. Descriptions go roughly left to right, top to bottom.

  1. Design – White, all caps text on black background. Part of the GOV.UK Design System Day swag.
  2. Work Together, Super Friendly – Red and blue text, custom hand-drawn lettering, surrounded by blue stars. From SuperFriendly.
  3. Be Inclusive – Black text on white background. Above each letter, hands spell the letters out in sign language. I think it's American Sign Language (ASL). From RedBubble.
  4. Weirdo – Green, pink and yellow hand-drawn text. Behind the text, a black cat peers over the top. By Gemma Correll. I added 2 blue rectangles to give the impression of frowning eyebrows.
  5. The Gower Dough Co, Est 2020, Wood Fired Pizza – A happy, cartoon pizza carries a pizza box and wears a backpack.
  6. User-Centred Profession, Made Tech – An orange cartoon crab on a black circle. Black text sits on a green ring around the edge.
  7. The problem with London is it is so far from everywhere – Blue illustration of the United Kingdom on a pink background. From Ian Ames.
  8. Our rights are not for debate – Black text on a round, shiny metallic sticker. In the middle is an upside down triangle. From Sarah Drummond's Don't Say Gay film Kickstarter.
  9. UX – Large colourful letters spell out "UX". The U is partially covered by sticker 8. From RedBubble.
  10. If it's not accessible, it's not acceptable – White retro font with a gradient drop shadow. From RedBubble.
  11. And then you die – Black text on a white sticker shaped like a coffin. From Owen Friend.
  12. Cats not TERFs – Black and white painterly effect sticker. White text on a black cat silhouette. From Frank Duffy
  13. 2022 – White text on a black square. Part of the same set as sticker 1.
  14. User-Centred Design – A stylised red crab. White text follows the curve of the crab's body. From Made Tech.
  15. I'm silently judging your app's usability – Black text on a white background. From RedBubble.