Weeknotes – series 07 episode 08

Super quick weeknotes this week because I want extra time to prepare for my lightning talk at Design Swansea next week.

Breaking words in tables

I tooted about a problem with breaking words in tables.

Looks like it inspired Adrian Roselli to write a whole post about it. This is good because Adrian is the expert on accessible tables: Techniques to Break Words by Adrian Roselli.

I’m also glad that Sara Soueidan mentioned it on Bluesky. Otherwise I may not have spotted it.

Trip to Sheffield

I had a great 2.5 days away in Sheffield. It was the first time meeting many of the team in person. And even the first time seeing some people’s faces. (We’re a “video-off by default” team).

It was very productive and very fun. But I also wrote a post about why I prefer my day-to-day work to be done remotely.

Bilingual design

Nia Campbell is sharing a lot of really interesting work around designing Welsh products and services. Even though I don’t speak Welsh, it’s something really close to my heart as a Welsh person who cares about well designed Welsh services.

So it’s really great to see that Nia has started sharing weeknotes too. In her post you can find some interesting notes around bilingual design and accessibility. With some really great tips via Martin Glancy.

Reading and listening to

Some bookmarks for later