Weeknotes – series 07 episode 09

Design Swansea Cropped

I spoke at Design Swansea on Thursday, I’ve shared my talk slides and rough transcript. I put a lot of effort it to the talk, and making it available in multiple ways, so not much energy for weeknoting today.

Subscribing to RSS feeds

I’ve started using Feedbin to keep up with the blogs that I follow (again). I’ve subscribed to all the sites I have listed on my blogroll that have feeds.

You can import my subscriptions using this OPML file if you want.

Jakob Nielsen

Oof Jakob Nielson’s article about AI and accessibility has been robustly critiqued by many accessibility experts.

I’ve linked to a few posts below. And those posts link to many more.

Thanks to Dean for initially bringing it to my attention.

I wonder how much damage has already been done, and whether Jakob will retract the original post, or at least respond to the feedback?

People seem so desperate for AI to come and solve problems they don’t understand, or that they don’t want to invest in. I worry that Jakob’s article will still have a huge reach given his standing in the community.

(As an aside, it feels very civilised to experience this via the medium of blog posts rather than a Twitter public shaming).

Reading (and things to read later)