What have I accomplished this decade?

A list of big things that I’ve done over the past 10 years.

  1. Got married
  2. Had our first baby
  3. Had to have our dog put down (RIP Harry)
  4. Worked at a design agency
  5. Moved house
  6. Had our second baby
  7. Went freelance
  8. Started a design meet-up
  9. Became a 2 car family
  10. Got my first proper UX role
  11. Climbed the Welsh 3 peaks
  12. Had our third baby
  13. Decided to stop having babies
  14. Became a civil servant
  15. Hired a whole design team
  16. Started working at Swirrl
  17. Got my first proper remote job
  18. Became a 1 car family

Joking aside… deciding to stop having kids was probably the hardest time for us. Even though we always planned to have 3, when we reached that point it was mentally very difficult.

Anyway, here's a similar post I did when I reached thirty.