Work with me at Office for National Statistics (ONS)

I’ve just finished my second week at ONS. You can read about my first week on the ONS Digital blog. My second week was spent kicking off a big new project, more about that soon.

We’re hiring designers and researchers

ONS are currently on the look out for 2 user experience (UX) designers and a few user researchers. The roles are based in either Newport or Titchfield.

What do UX designers do?

The role has different meanings to different people. I really like this list of UX designer skills.

I don’t think you need to be an expert in all of those things. But, if you are good at a few (and have an appreciation for why the rest are important) then I think you’ll make a good UX designer.

Open days

If you’re interested, but would like to know more, we have 2 open days coming up:

  • Newport on Tuesday 1 November from 2pm to 7pm
  • Titchfield on Thursday 3 November from 2pm to 7pm

View map and contact details on ONS website

What’s it like at ONS?

The main thing that convinced me to work at ONS was this: Product is a team sport, a talk/blog post by Matt Jukes.

If you want to get an insight into the culture here at ONS, then I recommend that you take 10 minutes to read that.

Apart from the working culture and good pay (£35k) there are some great benefits, like:

  • flexible working
  • a Civil Service pension
  • an on-site nursery at our Newport site
  • an on-site gym
  • free car-parking
  • a training/conference budget

I have 3 young kids and I commute from Swansea to Newport each day (50 miles each way). I don’t think I could do this job if it wasn’t for the (actually) flexible working arrangements and support from my managers.


The closing date for applications is Tuesday 15 November 2016. If you have any questions, feel free to direct message (DM) me on Twitter. My DMs are open.